Moving Boxes Advice

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This article will provide some basic tips for our readers to help them with their moving needs. We all need to move at one point or another.

After getting a company and fixing the moving date, the remaining challenge is to gather packing materials under one roof. Boxes contribute a major share of moving expense. Finding cheap moving boxes is a good way of ensuring you save lots of cash. There are various places where you can find boxes at discounted rates. The following are just some of the best places.

Get Them Online

There are many people out there with cartons designed to store furniture, computers, televisions and other electronic equipments. craigslist is a great source of such people. There are also so many people who will let you pick up those boxes for free or at a very cheap price. Get multiple sources including offices and other places.

Local Stores

When you get a free moving quote, check if the moving company provides some basic packing supplies. You may need to hire services like two men and a truck if you have a lot of items to be moved. If this is not the case, get the boxes for free from the local stores. Books stores are the best option because they get their supplies packed in sturdy boxes. Liquor stores and local supermarkets always have excessive boxes to dispose of. Look for numerous venues until you collect a good number of boxes.

Discounted Purchases

Major online retailers offer bundles depending on the number of rooms. Some moving companies usually offer such services also. Always look for discounts and coupon codes whenever you go with online retailers. These ensure you get them for cheaper pricing. Choose a bundle based on your needs and get them delivered earlier so that packing becomes easier.

You can also check with your neighbors for extra packing goods in their household. Borrow some and return them back later. Advice your family members to start packing early enough and avoid the hassle of bundling up items on the moving day.

Segregate your items into categories in different phases. Creating a digital checklist is essential in organizing your move. Always share the checklist to your family members.

What is Scientology

What is Scientology?
— Quick answers by Dave Touretzky: —
  1. Self-help courses. Begins with a free personality test that ALWAYS shows you have serious mental problems.
  2. Dianetics: a kind of quack psychotherapy in which you revisit all the bad stuff that ever happened to you, from conception onward.
  3. Scientology: you discover that you are an immortal being, and you need therapy for all the bad things that happened to you in all your previous lives, too.
  4. Advanced Scientology (the Operating Thetan levels): you discover that you are possessed by the spirits of murdered space aliens, and they need therapy too. Bad news: they have no money, so you have to pay.
  5. SP level: you decide that Scientology is bullshit, and leave. The cult declares you an enemy and Suppressive Person, and harasses you for the next 10 years.

According to Scientology, such people who have done the Operating Thetan levels are “at cause over matter, energy, space, time, form and life.”

I leave it to the reader’s discretion what to make of that.